About Us

"Táxis Invicta Central Rádio Táxi do Porto ACE" was founded in January 20th of 1987. Having started its activity in the city of Porto, in 1987, with 15 founding Groups, in the year of 2000 we already had 150 vehicles and in 2015 a sum of more than 235 vehicles. Our journey has been of responsible growth.

Always searching for innovation and improving the costumer service quality as well as the transport service. In 2009 we were pioneers, in Portugal, in the implementation of a fleet management system by GPS, and in 2012 we were, once again, the first Central to provide an APP to request taxis via smartphone (Geosensi). In 2015 we were the first Central to have a wide fleet with freee WIFI on board, available to our costumers, and in 2016 many are the pioneer projects we will present to Portugal and the world. We are proud of frequently receiving applications from other entrepreneurs of the Taxi sector, once that shows the quality of the services we provide, both to clients, drivers and Groups.

The increasing preference shown by our Clients, as been dictating our qualitative and quantitative growth. With over 235 taxis, we assure a quick and effective service in any part of the Invicta City and since 2014, also in the birth city of the nation - Guimarães.

The preference of our clients surpasses the barriers of the cities we have as basis, and we are often requested to pick up clients in the adjoining municipalities, Matosinhos, Maia, Gondomar, and V N Gaia. From the City of Porto to the world, they’ll say. The year of 2014 was also the year of moving to new facilities and with new infrastructure conditions we became a reference for costumer service to any Central or business group that wants to be served by a team of excellence, both operators and administratives, of which Táxis Invicta is proud of. The North of the country is our foccus, because together we have exceptional conditions for being stronger. We have technological, physical and human conditions to face any challenge on the level of light passenger transportation, as well as of cargo transport. Know more with the Direction of Táxis Invicta.





Rua Cunha Júnior, 41-B - 1ºAndar Sala 8, 4250-186 Porto - Portugal
225 076 400 253 520 800
912 301 252 932 520 800
934 772 174 915 520 800
968 520 064



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