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When visiting the Invicta city of Porto it's impossible to remain indifferent to the historical and human signs, present in every corner. With historical monuments of remark, like Torre dos Clérigos (Clerics Tower), the countless churches, of which we highlight the Almas Chapel, for its tiled pannels, the Sé (Cathedral) with its Terreiro do Paço, the Church of São Francisco for its gilded woodcarvings and the bone chapel, among many others.

As Muralhas Fernandinas são outro ponto de interesse a nível histórico. No Palácio de Cristal pode visitar a biblioteca Almeida Garrett, e os seus jardins com uma magnifica vista sobre o Douro. Ainda junto ao Palácio de Cristal não deve deixar de visitar o Museu do Vinho do Porto e o Museu Romântico da Quinta da Macieirinha. O Museu de Serralves, a Casa da Musica, a Livraria Lello, o Palácio da Bolsa, e os Pilares da Ponte Pênsil são também locais de passagem obrigatória.

The Muralhas Fernandinas (city walls) are another historical point of interest. At Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) you can visit the Almeida Garrett library, and its gardens with a wonderful view over Douro. Right next to Palácio de Cristal you can't miss the Port Wine Museum and the Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha. The Serralves Museum, Casa da Música, Lello Library, Palácio da Bolsa and the Pilars of the Suspension Bridge are also mandatory visiting places. Take the opportunity to visit the City Park, enjoy a walk at Foz, next to the sea or the riverside. The Ribeira area is another must see spot, and while you're at it, cross the river and pay a visit to the Port Wine Cellars, also enjoy the Rabelo boats, located in the margins, which provide tourist tours. While at Vila Nova de Gaia, don't miss the Morro Garden, and the viewpoint of the Church at Serra do Pilar, where you’ll get the most wonderful image of your visit to the Invicta City: all the beauty of the Douro River and its Bridges. The cities of Porto and Gaia will forever be in your memory by visiting this viewpoint, a spot of undescribable beauty.

At night you can have dinner in one of the many restaurants in the city that offer the typicall dishes of the region and other delicacies, and then take a walk throught some more central streets and visit one of the many cafés, some of which very famous, like the Majestic.

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